Central Highland (Japan)

Coordinates: 35°59′N 137°41′E / 35.983°N 137.683°E / 35.983; 137.683
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The Central Highland (中央高地, Chūō Kōchi), or Koshin Region (甲信地方, Kōshin Chihō), is an inland region on central Honshū in Japan. It forms the central part of the Chūbu region.

Kōshin Chihō (Central Highland of Chūbu)

It comprises most of Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures, as well as the Hida area of Gifu Prefecture. Sometimes Tōnō area of Gifu Prefecture is included.

The humid continental climate of the region gives large temperature differences between summers and winters, and between days and nights. Precipitation is light throughout the year. The more northern and western portions of this region tend to experience heavy snow during the winter with lower daytime temperatures resembling parts of Northern Japan and Hokkaido more so than its neighbor prefectures.

In the Edo period, the Nakasendō and Kōshū Kaidō ran through the Central Highland.


The region is known for its various mountains and geological features, and is most well known for Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.

35°59′N 137°41′E / 35.983°N 137.683°E / 35.983; 137.683


Per Japanese census data,[1] and,[2] Koshin subregion has had continuous negative population growth since year 2000

Historical population
1920 2,286,000—    
1930 2,498,118+9.3%
1940 2,546,187+1.9%
1950 3,077,337+20.9%
1960 2,948,536−4.2%
1970 2,895,263−1.8%
1980 3,063,784+5.8%
1990 3,181,644+3.8%
2000 3,273,037+2.9%
2010 3,176,162−3.0%
2020 3,015,034−5.1%