Central Indian Ridge

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>The Central Indian Ridge (CIR) is a divergent tectonic plate boundary between the African Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate, traversing the western regions of the Indian Ocean. The northern section of the CIR is also called the Carlsberg Ridge. Highlights ► Multibeam bathymetry of a 750 km long Central Indian Ridge section is presented. ► Spreading rates of 26 to 38 mm/yr characterise the ridge as slow spreading ridge. ► Magmatic and amagmatic ridge segments were identified based on accretionary pattern. ► Three oceanic core complexes/megamullion structures are identified at the inside-corner tectonic setup. ► Influence of distributed diffuse plate boundary on newly generated oceanic lithosphere is documented.

The CIR extends northward from a triple point junction near the island of Rodrigues (the Rodrigues Triple Point) to a junction with the Owen Fracture Zone.


Coordinates: 34°39′20″S 54°28′58″E / 34.6555°S 54.4828°E / -34.6555; 54.4828