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Central Labrador is the most populous region of Labrador, Canada, that extends from the shores of Lake Melville into the interior. It is also home to Happy Valley – Goose Bay, the largest community in Labrador.


It contains the Churchill River, the largest river in Labrador and one of the largest in Canada. The hydroelectric dam at Churchill Falls is the second largest underground power station in the world, but most of the supply is bought by Hydro-Québec under a long-term contract. The Lower Churchill Project will develop the remaining potential of the river and supply it to provincial consumers.


Known as "the heart of the Big Land", the area's population comprises people from all groups and regions of Labrador. Central Labrador is also home to Happy Valley – Goose Bay, the largest community in Labrador. Once a refueling point for plane convoys to Europe in World War II, CFB Goose Bay is now a NATO tactical flight training site and was an alternate landing zone for the Space Shuttle.


Central Labrador can be accessed by the highways 389 and 500 leading from Baie Comeau, Quebec into areas in West Labrador, such as Labrador City and Churchill Falls.

Air access is provided by Air Canada Jazz or Provincial Airlines from St. John's, Deer Lake, Halifax, or Montreal.

There is a new road that was built between Goose Bay and Cartwright, on the Atlantic coast. Travellers in the area can continue their road trips directly to the Labrador Straits for the ferry crossing of the Strait of Belle Isle from Blanc Sablon, Quebec between May and January.[1]


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