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The Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute (CPCI) is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization that oversees the ministries of Way Truth Life Radio, Camp Kanestake, Puppets With a Purpose, and the Ezekiel Forum. CPCI was established in 1977 to serve the central Pennsylvania area through ministries that edify and encourage the body of Christ.


Way Truth Life Radio[edit]

Way Truth Life Radio is non-commercial, listener supported radio broadcasting from two stations in central Pennsylvania. WTLR, 89.9 FM has served Pennsylvania’s heartland since 1978. WQJU, 107.1, Mifflintown, became CPCI’s second full power radio station in January, 1993. Serving listeners in an area to the south and east of WTLR’s broadcast range, WQJU operates as a satellite of WTLR, bringing identical programming to Mifflin, Snyder, Juniata and Perry counties.

Camp Kanesetake[edit]

Camp Kanesatake became a part of the ministries of CPCI in 1989 when the board of directors were made aware of the availability of the camp and the need for Christian camping in the central Pennsylvania area. The camp itself has a long legacy of being a source of cultivating learning and Christian growth in young people since its construction in 1923 by the Pennsylvania Sabbath School Association. CPCI's purchase of the camp ensured the continuation of this heritage into the 21st century.

Puppets With a Purpose[edit]

Puppets With a Purpose (PWAP) is a Christian-based youth ministry whose purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with fellow Christians and non-Christians alike through the use of puppets. From its inception in 1993 to today, PWAP continuously produces short stories mixed with music told by a team of 10-15 puppeteers and assistants.

Outreach is a major goal of PWAP. In addition to local performances at churches and youth events, the PWAP team has begun to take missions trips to foreign countries for the purpose of creating new puppet ministry teams in those locations. In 2005 the team traveled to Peru to form a group of Christian puppeteers that are able to minister to the local population. In 2008 the team is planning to travel to Poland to begin a similar ministry there as well.

Ezekiel Forum[edit]

The speaker series sponsored by CPCI is known as the Ezekiel Forum. Recent events have included Dr. Peter Jones speaking on the book Da Vinci Code, sponsorship of internationally-known theologian and apologist Ravi Zacharias, and financial teaching from the Biblical Stewardship Series.


CPCI is governed by an uncompensated board of directors made up of Christian laymen from various area churches. The board reflects CPCI’s commitment to non-denominational ministry. Although they come from different church and theological persuasions, the directors lay these differences aside in order to work together in a cooperative effort to exalt their Lord.

Registrations and memberships[edit]

CPCI is registered as a not-for-profit corporation by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. It is a member of the Christian Stewardship Association.