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Centre for Fair Political Analysis (Méltányosság Politikaelemző Központ) is the first Hungarian think tank specializing specifically on the study of social and political cohesion. CFPA is an independent, non party affiliated think tank, however offers its products to the whole of the Hungarian political class. Founded in 2007 CFPA’s philosophy is built upon the „Three C’s”: Conflict, Consensus and Cohesion.

Basic values[edit]

1. The recognition of Hungary's international surroundings
2. Comparative approach
3. Sensitivity towards historical continuity and change

Centre for Fair Political Analysis follows the school of political analysis which tries to understand the events and connections of the present from not just the current happenings but from their relations to their historical antecedents.

4. The study of the internal cohesion of democracies

In the past 22 years, the study of social cohesion was left out of the research concerning the developments of the Western European liberal democracies that serve as examples for Hungary. Ever since the emergence of democracy, Hungary was obliged to go without the democratic surplus (trust) which derives from the democratic commitment of society towards democracy. There were neither resources nor commitment for the civic education of society which was the „success story” of the West in the era of post 1945 welfare states.

5. The study of political networks

Democracies based on parties are populated by actors, however the task is not just to describe them one at a time but also to uncover the interactions between them, furthermore to study what they learn from their past and from each other.[1]

Research topics[edit]

Web Opinion Index, Cohesion, Civic Education, Think Tanks, Contemporary Comparative Research.[2]

Public Initiatives[edit]

The think tank regularly organizes conferences, runs an active book publication program, and carries out projects and advocacy concerning a wide range of issues.[3]

CPFA in the foreign media[edit]