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The Union of Democrats and Independents – UC (French: Union des Démocrates et Indépendants - UC, UDI-UC) is a centrist parliamentary group in the French Senate that was founded in 1986. In January 2013, the UDI-UC group had 32 Senators.[1]


Upon creation of the UDF in 1978, an intergroup was formed joining members of the Centrist Union of Progressive Democrats (UCDP) and the Independent Republicans (RI) group. The creation of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) in 2002 led to a split in the UDF between those who stayed in the UDF and those who joined the UMP. The group formed by the remaining UDF Senators took the name Centrist Union.


In May 2009, the group was composed of 29 Senators:[1]

7 are members of the MoDem, 11 are members of the New Centre, 10 are members of the Centrist Alliance and one is an Independent. However, the actual numbers can vary based on sources.

Former members[edit]



  • 1986–2011: Centrist Union (Union Centriste, UC)
  • From 2011: Centrist and Republican Union (Union Centriste et Républicaine, UCR)


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