Cerebus (comics)

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Date 1987
No. of issues 1–25
Series Cerebus
Page count 534 pages
Publisher Aardvark-Vanaheim
Creative team
Creators Dave Sim
Original publication
Published in Cerebus
Issues 1-25
Date of publication December 1977 – April 1981
Language English
ISBN 0-919359-08-6
Followed by High Society

Cerebus is the first collected volume of Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim's Cerebus comic book series. It is made up of the first 25 issues of Cerebus, plus, as of the 11th edition, some strips that ran in Comics Buyer's Guide featuring Silverspoon, a parody of the comic strip Prince Valiant.

While Cerebus is the first volume in the series, it was the third to be collected in "phonebook" form, after High Society and Church & State Volume I.



First appearances[edit]

Bran Mak Muffin
Red Sophia
Elrod the Albino (or Elrod of Melvinbone)
The Roach
Lord Julius


Cerebus (though only the collected volume is so titled) comprises the first 25 issues of the Cerebus comic book series. Unlike the other volumes, Cerebus is not a cohesive story, but rather each issue was its own story, with certain stories lasting two or three issues.

For the first dozen issues, the comic book was published bi-monthly. When Sim's partner and wife-to-be, Deni Loubert, realized that the comic book was selling well enough to go monthly, Sim dropped his commercial art work and focused on Cerebus.

Though the first in the series, Cerebus was the third volume to be printed after High Society came out in 1986 and Church & State Volume I came out in 1987.[1] Cerebus left the presses on August 15, 1987.

The 11th and later editions contain extra pages—the "Silverspoon" storyline from the Comics Buyer's Guide that took place between Cerebus #13 and #14. It was placed in the middle of the Cerebus "phonebook" starting on page 295.[2] Sim said its appearance in the phonebook was important, otherwise the sudden appearance of Lord Julius is inexplicable;[3] that the story had not been included before was an oversight.[citation needed]


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