Cerro Tres Kandú

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Cerro Tres Kandú
Cerro Tres Kandu Paraguay.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 842 m (2,762 ft) [1]
Listing Country high point
Coordinates 25°54′06″S 56°09′36″W / 25.90167°S 56.16000°W / -25.90167; -56.16000Coordinates: 25°54′06″S 56°09′36″W / 25.90167°S 56.16000°W / -25.90167; -56.16000
Cerro Tres Kandú is located in Paraguay
Cerro Tres Kandú
Cerro Tres Kandú
Location General Garay, Guairá Department, Paraguay
Parent range Ybytyruzú
Mountain type Hill

Cerro Tres Kandú or Cerro Peró (Tres Kandu or Perõ in the Guaraní language) is a peak and the highest point of Paraguay, with an elevation of 842 meters (2,762 ft). It is located in the municipality of General Eugenio Garay, Guairá Department, in a hill range named Ybytyruzú.

This hill was important for the Armed Forces of Paraguay because it was a strategic location to place the army repeater or radio-link for their communication. The national electrical company (ANDE) had also mounted its radiocommunication repeater on this hill. Today these installations are abandoned.

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