Cesarina Ricci de Tingoli

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Cesarina Ricci de Tingoli (born ca. 1573) was an Italian composer.

She was related to the family of Cardinal Giovanni Ricci (1497–1574) by birth, and the noble family of Tingoli by marriage. Her only known publication is Il Primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci, con un dialogo a otto novamente composti & dati in luce (Venice, 1597). This publication survives in two partbooks, and a manuscript tablature also survives. The cantus and quintus partbooks do not survive. Il primo libro contains 14 five-voice madrigals and an eight-voice dialogue by Ricci, and two madrigals by Alberto Ghirlinzoni, who is only known from this publication. The texts are by Torquato Tasso, Giovanni Battista Guarini, and Antonio Ongaro, all of whom were associated with the academy of Cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini, to whom the publication is also dedicated.

Ruggiero Giovannelli might have been her teacher.


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