Ceux du dehors

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Ceux du dehors
Univers Zero Ceux du Dehors.png
Studio album by Univers Zero
Released 1981 (1981)
Genre Rock in Opposition, avant-rock
Length 44:36 (LP)
50:12 (CD)
Label Recommended
Univers Zero chronology
Ceux du dehors
Crawling Wind
(1983)Crawling Wind1983

Ceux du dehors (1981) is the third album by the Belgian RIO band Univers Zero. The title translates as "The Outsiders", which strongly alludes, among other things, to the Dark Fantasy works of HP Lovecraft.

The original LP consisted of six tracks. The CD pressing adds a seventh track, "Triomphe des mouches", previously released as a one-sided single.

Ceux du dehors was the first Univers Zero album without guitarist and founding member Roger Trigaux, who had left to form his own group, Present.

"La musique d'Erich Zann" is a collective group improvisation. The title alludes to the short story of the same name by H. P. Lovecraft; the players read the story in studio, then proceeded to record the piece.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dense" (Daniel Denis) – 12:26
  2. "La corne du bois des pendus" (Denis) – 8:42
  3. "Bonjour chez vous" (Denis) – 3:52
  4. "Combat" (Andy Kirk) – 12:53
  5. "La musique d'Erich Zann" (Denis, Kirk, Guy Segers, Michel Berckmans, Jean Debefve, Patrick Hanappier) – 3:29
  6. "La tête du corbeau" (Segers) – 3:11
  7. "Triomphe des mouches" (Denis, Kirk) – 5:36 (only on CD)