Heatwave (album)

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Heatwave (album).jpg
Studio album by Univers Zero
Released 1986
Genre Rock in Opposition
Length 42:12
Label Cuneiform
Univers Zero chronology
The Hard Quest
(1999)The Hard Quest1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Heatwave is the fifth album by Belgian RIO band Univers Zero. Released in 1986, the album is a continued exploration of the Middle Eastern influences, which first appeared on Uzed. The instrumentation here is more electronic than in their previous works. The album was recorded and mixed by Didier de Roos at Daylight Studio, Brussels.

The album is unusual among Univers Zero albums in that drummer/bandleader Daniel Denis did not write the majority of the material. Keyboardist Andy Kirk takes the compositional lead instead, penning both the title track and "The Funeral Plain." The latter is notable for being the second longest Univers Zero song (Only the track "La Faulx", off the Heresie album, is longer). "The Funeral Plain" is dedicated to "all living hardships that lead into self-awareness."[1] The band would not release their next album, The Hard Quest, until 1999. Denis temporarily broke up the band after the release of Heatwave due to financial difficulties and tension within the group.[2]

Track listing[edit]

• "Heatwave" (Kirk) – 8:37
• "Chinavox" (Denis) – 4:53
• "Bruit dans les Murs" (Denis) – 8:27
• "The Funeral Plain" (Kirk) – 20:22


Michael Delory: electric guitar
Daniel Denis: drums, percussion, voice
Dirk Descheemaeker: clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax
Christian Genet: bass guitar, nailskake
Patrick Hanappier: violin, viola
Andy Kirk: piano, synthesizer, voice
Jean-Luc Plouvier: piano, synthesizer, voice


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