Chūshingura 1/47

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Chushingura 1/47
Chushingura 147 DVD.jpg
Directed by Shunsaku Kawamo
Written by Yumiko Inoue
Starring Takuya Kimura, Kōichi Satō
Distributed by Fuji Television
Release date
Running time
120 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Chushingura 1/47 is a 2001 Japanese historical movie based on the kabuki tale of the Forty-seven Ronin. The film was made for the Fuji TV Network and was directed by Shunsaku Kawamo.

The story tells the true story of Asano Naganori who attacked Lord Kira Kozenosuke with his sword in the Edo Castle after Kira had coaxed the young lord in the late 18th century. Even though the wound was only superficial, Asano was ordered to commit suicide. The 47 Asano Ronin (former retainers of Asano) led by Oishi Kuranosuke (Asano's chief adviser) came back to revenge their fallen lord against Lord Kira and were victorious but the Ronin were ordered to commit seppuku later by the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The tale of the 47 ronin is a popular story in Japan and has become part of popular culture. References to the ronin can also be found in the recent movie Hana yori mo naho with Junichi Okada and Asano Tadanobu.



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