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Chaartaar ensemble
Cover of Baaraan Toee, released in 2014
Background information
Origin Iran
Genres Persian fusion music
Years active 2011–present
Members Arman Garshasbi (singer)
Arash Fathi (composer)
Ehsan Haeri (poet)
Aeen Ahmadifar (arrangement)

Chaartaar (Persian: چارتار‎) is a Persian fusion band[1] founded in 2011.



Chaartaar concert for Nowruz at Milad Tower, Tehran, 2015

The group’s style is a fusion of electronic music combined with Persian vocal music.[2]

In September and October 2016 "Chaartaar" had their first live tour out of Iran, they started their tour from Vancouver in Canada and continued it in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. After that they traveled to Europe and continue their tour in Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, London, Manchester, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Frankfurt.[3]


Albums Baaraan Toee (You are the Rain) (Official, Released: 2014)[4][5]
No. Title Native English Translation Length
01 Ashoobam آشوبم I am Unrest 4:52
02 Maraa Be Khaaterat Negah Daar مرا به خاطرت نگه‌دار Keep me in your memory 3:26
03 Hendeseh هندسه Geometry 4:11
04 Baaraan Toee باران تویی You are the Rain 3:52
05 Zane Divaaneh زن دیوانه Madwoman 3:50
06 Kalaagh کلاغ The Crow 3:42
07 Asheghaaneh Tanhaast عاشقانه تنهاست Amorously in lonely 3:50
08 Harfi Bezan حرفی بزن Say Something 3:43
09 Khosha Be Man خوشا به من Slorias Me 3:06
10 Shabihe Yek Mordaab شبیه یک مرداب Like a Lagoon 3:48
11 Dar Hasrate Maah در حسرت ماه In longing of the Moon 4:00
12 Ghataar (Chaartaar) قطار (چارتار) The Train (Chaartaar) 4:02
Jaddeh Miraghsad (The Road's dancing) (Official, Released: 2015)[6]
No. Title Native English Translation Length
01 Leylache لیلاچه The little Leyla 3:27
02 Aseman Ham Zamin Khord آسمان هم زمین می‌خورد Even the Sky Falls to Ground 3:52
03 Babr ببر The Tiger 3:45
04 Jadde Miraghsad جاده می‌رقصد The Road's dancing 3:26
05 Hozori Etefaghi حضوری اتفاقی The Accident Presence 4:32
06 Hich Dar Hich هیچ در هیچ Nothing but Nothingness 3:31
07 Man Dahanam من دهانم Me, the very Mouth 3:41
08 Ghazal Nashod غزل نشد The Unrealized Poetry 2:34
09 Dariche دریچه The Hatch 3:35
Darya Kojast? (Where is the Sea?) (Official, Released: 2018)[7]
No. Title Native English Translation Length
01 Aghoosh آغوش Embrace 3:18
02 Door دور Far Away 4:35
03 Hejrat هجرت Emigration 3:55
04 Darya Kojast? دریا کجاست؟ Where is the Sea? 4:23
05 Bargard برگرد Come Back 4:00
06 Benevis بنویس Write It 3:32
07 Ghoroob غروب Sunset 4:35
08 Tardid Raftan تردید رفتن Hesitate to Leave 3:11
09 Chashm Bi Barabar چشم بی برابر Unequal Eyes 3:44
10 Khalgh خلق The People 3:36


  • Best Album of year (in fusion style): Baaraan Toee[8]
  • Best Track of year (in fusion style): Baaraan Toee[8]
  • Best-selling Album in beeptunes: Jaddeh Miraghsad[9]


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