Chain of Attack

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Chain of Attack
Chain of Attack.jpg
Author Gene DeWeese
Country United States
Language English
Series Star Trek: The Original Series
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Pocket Books
Publication date
1 February 1987
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 251 pp
ISBN 0-671-66658-4 (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 34964354
Preceded by Battlestations!
Followed by Deep Domain

Chain of Attack is a 1987 Star Trek: The Original Series novel written by Gene DeWeese.


While mapping gravitational anomalies, the USS Enterprise is hurled millions of light-years off course. They find themselves in a galaxy devastated by war and soon they are under attack by both warring fleets. Captain Kirk risks his ship and crew in order to stop the war and get home.


Chain of Attack reached 12 on the New York Times bestseller list on February 22, 1987.[1]

Movie Adaptation[edit]

The novel has been adapted into a fan-made movie titled Star Trek: Infinite Chain, which can be viewed on YouTube.[2]


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