Chalnessa Eames

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Chalnessa Eames
Born 1978 (age 36–37)
Los Angeles, California
Occupation Ballet dancer
Current group Whim W'Him
Former groups Royal Winnipeg Ballet (1998-2001)
Pacific Northwest Ballet (2001-2011)

Chalnessa Eames (born 1978)[1] is a ballet dancer who performed with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

Eames was born in Los Angeles, California.[3] She is one of five children born to Rebecca (Becky) and David Eames.[4] From the age of three, she grew up in Bellingham, Washington,[3] where she studied ballet at the Nancy Whyte School of Ballet and the Morca Academy of Performing Arts.[1] She then moved to Eugene (Oregon) to work with Kathleen Smith Epstein, who taught using the Vaganova syllabus. Classes were very strict and for a year it was just her in class! She worked with her for two years, from ages 12–14, and then felt she needed to move on for high school.[5]

She auditioned for Harid Conservatory [Boca Raton, Florida] (auditions were held at PNB) and received a two-year scholarship. She attended summer programs at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School and the School of Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and completed her final year of training at Winnipeg.[2][3]


In 1996, at the age of 18, she joined Royal Winnipeg Ballet,[2] as an apprentice and was promoted to the corps de ballet the following year.[1] She joined the Pacific Northwest Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet in 2001, where she was promoted to soloist in 2007.[2] Eames left the Pacific Northwest Ballet in June 2011.[6][7] She currently performs with Olivier Wevers' Whim W'Him dance company.[8][9]

Leading roles[edit]

Eames has danced leading roles which include:[2]

She also originated the leading roles in:[2]

Other work[edit]

Eames danced in Guy Maddin's 2002 film Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary.[2][10]

Personal life[edit]

Eames is married to Ash Modha,[1][11] the CEO and co-founder of the Mondetta Clothing Company.[12]


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