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Ronald Hynd (born 22 April 1931) is an English choreographer, and in his youth was a ballet dancer.

In the Royal Ballet in the late 1940s he began to dance with Annette Page, whom he later married. They have a daughter.[1]

Ballets Hynd has choreographed include The Merry Widow in 1975,[2] and the ballet Charlotte Brontë for the Royal Ballet Touring Company in 1974.[3] He recreated the nineteenth-century ballet Papillon[4] in 1979[5] and created The Hunchback of Notre Dame ballet in 1988,[5] both for the Houston Ballet. His version of The Nutcracker, produced by the London Festival Ballet in 1976, added a love story to the traditional tale by giving the heroine an older sister who falls in love with Dr. Drosselmeyer's nephew against her parents' wishes.[6] He also choreographed for companies such as American Ballet Theatre, Ballet West, and Tulsa Theatre Ballet.[7]


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