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The central court of the House of Chamezi.

Chamaizi is an ancient archaeological site in eastern Crete with a Middle Minoan IA oval-shaped building. Below this building is evidence of Early Minoan building foundations.


Chamaizi was first excavated in 1903 by Stephanos Xanthoudides, and again in 1971 by Costis Davaras.

The MMIA building centers around a cistern. The cistern likely collected water from rainfall, as the hilltop on which the building is situated, Souvloto Mouri pointed hill, has no wells or springs.

Finds excavated from Chamaizi are at the Agios Nikolaos, Crete Museum and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.



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Coordinates: 35°10′N 26°01′E / 35.167°N 26.017°E / 35.167; 26.017