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Chandler Robbins

The ABA Chandler Robbins Award for Education/Conservation is an award given by the American Birding Association to an individual who has made significant contributions either to the education of birders or to bird conservation and the "management or preservation of habitats on which birds and birding depends." The award may also recognize efforts in both fields.[1]

One of five awards presented by the ABA for contributions to ornithology, the award is named in honor of Chandler Robbins, who himself advanced both conservation and education. Robbins is author of an influential field guide to birds and the architect of the North American Breeding Bird Survey.

The award was first bestowed on Ted Lee Eubanks.

List of recipients[edit]

Since the award's inception in 2000, there have been 15 recipients.[2]

Year Name Notes
2000 Ted Lee Eubanks
2002 Charles Duncan[3]
2003 David N. Pashley
2004 Jerome Jackson[4]
2006 Robert Ridgely[5]
2007 Jerry Bertrand
2008 Richard M. Daley[6] For his "innovative and far-reaching agenda in Chicago to create and promote a bird-friendly environment in an urban area."
2009 George Fenwick
2010 David DeSante[7]
2011 Donald Messersmith[8]
2012 Joseph Coleman[9]
2013 Tammy VerCauteren[10]
2014 Andrew Kinslow[11]
2015 Kimberly Kaufman[12]
2015 George Radcliffe[13]


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