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Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz, Santa Fe
Branding Canal Trece
Slogan Siempre Juntos (Always Together)
Channels Analog: 13 (VHF)
Affiliations Telefe
Owner Viacom
(Televisión Federal S.A.)
Founded 1962

LT 82 Canal 13 de Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz is a private, over-the-air television station broadcasting from Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It's a Telefe owned-and-operated station, thus carrying a general entertainment format comprised mostly by the network offerings, plus some local shows (mostly on weekends). Channel 13 was founded in 1962.

Local programming[edit]

Former Channel 13's logo
  • Notitrece - news
  • Sembrando ("Seeding") - country news
  • Martín Bustamante - country news
  • Nuestra Casa ("Our Home") - DIY and cooking
  • Otra Visión ("Another View") - health advice
  • Pausa en Familia ("Family Break") - religious

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