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Channel 31 is the colloquial name for a loose network of free-to-air community television (CTV) stations that broadcast in the major Australian capital cities. Channel 31 was the frequency reserved for analogue broadcasts by each station; however, all channels are now broadcasting in digital on Channel 44.

Each station is a not-for-profit entity and is subject to specific provisions of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. A Code of Conduct, registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority, provides additional regulation of the sector. The CTV stations operate independently so they are technically not a network (in the commonly held definition of the term). However, some programs are broadcast on multiple stations in the group, and they do co-operate with each other in various ways. The stations act collectively through the Australian Community Television Alliance.

Channel 44 is currently broadcast in 576i (same as analogue) but with a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3.


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Main article: Antenna Awards

The Antenna Awards are the annual Channel 31 community television awards, held since 2004 and traditionally hosted at a gala awards ceremony at Federation Square in Melbourne by C31 Melbourne.

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