Channel 9 – La Rioja

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LV 91 TV
La Rioja, La Rioja
Branding Canal Nueve
Channels Analog: 9 (VHF)
Affiliations Telefe
Owner Gobierno de La Rioja
(Radio Televisión Riojana)
Founded 1964

RTR Canal 9 de la Rioja is an Argentine television station operated by the local Government. It serves the Provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca (through a repeater on channel 13), and a small part of San Luis. The station broadcasts from La Rioja, the capital the homonym Province and it is affiliated with Telefe.

Channel 9 broadcasts in color, but -as well as many other TV channels outside Buenos Aires- it has monophonic sound only. The station produces two newscasts: one with local news and other with news from Catamarca. A weekend cultural show called La Rioja que Usted no Conoce ("La Rioja You Don't Know") is also presented.

Most of the schedule is filled with the network offerings: soap operas, national news, movies, sitcoms and cartoons.

Local programming[edit]

  • Noticiero 9 ("News 9") - newscast
  • Catamarca es noticia ("Catamarca is on the news") - newscast
  • Queda mucho por descubrir ("There's a lot to discover") - travelogue
  • Misa Dominical ("Sunday Mass") - religion


  • RTR means Radio Televisión Riojana (Riojan Radio Television).