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Channels is a rock band. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Started in 2003, Channels features Jawbox and Burning Airlines frontman J. Robbins, as well as bassist Janet Morgan and drummer Darren Zentek of Kerosene 454 and Oswego.[1]

While they are in a similar musical vein to Robbins' previous bands, Channels feature Morgan on co-lead and backing vocals, giving the band a much more melodic approach to the vocals. Lyrically, Channels features Robbins' most overtly political writing.

Robbins and Zentek also currently perform with Vic Bondi as Report Suspicious Activity.[2] Most recently, both musicians have released an EP as Office of Future Plans, along with Brooks Harlan and Gordon Withers.

They have releases on DeSoto Records and Dischord Records.


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