Chapo Lake

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Chapo Lake
Chapo Lake.jpg
Coordinates 41°27′S 72°30′W / 41.450°S 72.500°W / -41.450; -72.500Coordinates: 41°27′S 72°30′W / 41.450°S 72.500°W / -41.450; -72.500
Basin countries Chile
Max. length 17 km (11 mi)
Max. width 5 km (3.1 mi)
Surface area 50 km2 (19 sq mi)

Chapo Lake (Spanish: Lago Chapo) is a lake of Chile located in Los Lagos Region. It lies immediately southeast of Calbuco volcano and south of Llanquihue National Reserve. Just south of the lake is Alerce Andino National Park.

Its waters are used for hydroelectric power generation, which causes variations in the level of the lake.

Reloncaví Estuary receives the outflow of Chapo lake.