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Charles Alexander McMurry (1857–1929) was an American educator, born at Crawfordsville, Ind. He graduated at the Illinois State Normal University in 1876, and studied at the University of Michigan (1876–80), and in Europe at Halle (Ph.D., 1887) and Jena.[1] He taught in Illinois. At various times McMurry was a professor at Illinois State University and at the University of Chicago. His works include:

  • The Elements of General Method (1892; sixth edition, revised, 1903)
  • Method of the Recitation (1898), with F. M. McMurry
  • Special Method of Reading (1898; new edition, 1910)
  • Special Method in Literature and History (1898)
  • Special Method in Geography (1898)
  • Special Method in Natural Science (1896; second edition, 1899)
  • Pioneer History Stories (three volumes, 1891; fifth edition, 1898)
  • Special Method in Primary Reading and Oral Work (1903)
  • Special Method in Reading in the Grades (1908)
  • Handbook of Practice for Teachers (1914)
  • Conflicting Principles of Teaching and How to Adjust them (1915)


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