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Dr. Charles Marin Eugster (26 July 1919 - 26 April 2017) was a track and field sprint athlete who competed as a Masters athlete for Great Britain.

Charles Eugster
Personal information
National team  United Kingdom
Born (1919-07-26)26 July 1919
Died 26 April 2017(2017-04-26) (aged 97)
Sport Athletics
Updated on April 7, 2016.

After spending a career as a dentist, he moved to Uitikon, Switzerland on his pension. At age 85, he began a fitness program.

“I looked in the mirror one morning,” he says, simply, “and I didn’t like what I saw.”[1]

He won more than 100 fitness awards in multiple sports, including bodybuilding[2][3] and rowing. He won multiple medals at the World Masters Regatta.[4][5] [6] [7]

He died on 26 April 2017 of complications following heart failure.

Notable achievements[edit]

He was invited to do a talk at TEDx in Zurich in 2012, and gave a talk titled "Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea".[8]

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