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Charles-Joseph Flipart, Still Life, c. 1779, oil on canvas, 91 × 171 cm. Museo del Prado, Spain

Charles Joseph Flipart (1721–1797) was a French painter and engraver. He was born in Paris, the brother of Jean Jacques Flipart, and initially trained under his father Jean-Charles Flipart, his mother was Maria Boll, he was baptized at the parish of Saint-Severins. He visited Venice, and studied painting under Tiepolo and Amigoni, and engraving under Joseph Wagner. After staying some time at Rome he was appointed court painter and engraver by King Ferdinand VI of Spain in 1770. His best plates are the portraits of the King and the Queen of Spain. Some of his paintings are in two of the churches at Madrid, where he died in 1797.



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