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Charlie's Group Limited
Industry Food
Genre Beverage Producer
Predecessor Spectrum Resources[1]
Founded 1999
Founder Marc Ellis
Stefan Lepionka
Simon Neal
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Products Fruits, Fruit Juices
Revenue NZ$30,046 (2008)
Parent Asahi
Subsidiaries Charlie's Juice
Phoenix Organics[1]

Charlie's Group Limited is a New Zealand producer of beverage drinks founded in 1999 by three friends, Marc Ellis, Stefan Lepionka and Simon Neal. Originally the company produced fresh orange juice; in 2001, Charlie's expanded their product range to include a variety of other natural fruit juices. They also sell loose fruit, fruit smoothies and sports water flavored with fruit juices. In May 2008, Charlie's launched a line of fruit-based softdrinks.[2] They market their products as "Honest", referring to the fact that the products are not from concentrate with no sugar added.[3] They listed on the NZX in 2006.[4] In 2008, Charlie's opened a new plant in Renmark, South Australia.[5]

In 2007, a television advertisement for Charlie's which featured children playing with fireworks was banned from airing after the Television Commercials Approval Bureau received letters of complaint. The commercial showed cartoon children allowing fireworks to explode between their teeth and shooting rockets at each other. The Acting Fire Service National Commander Paul McGill said "It's really disappointing that an advertiser will use this occasion to produce a commercial that glorifies behaviour that was unacceptable 20 years ago and is unacceptable today." Ron Curteis, Charlie's Marketing Manager indicated that the commercial was not intended to condone such behavior and that they hadn't realized this sort of behavior was still a big issue. Marc Ellis, director of Charlie's, later called for an overhaul of the advertising rules noting that the same panel who banned the commercial had initially certified that the commercial met all advertising standards. The ban eventually became part of a larger discussion about the difference between content allowed in programming versus advertisement.[6][7]

In July 2011, Japanese beverage company Asahi acquired Charlie's.[8][9]


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