Charlotte Denman Lozier

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Charlotte Denman Lozier (March 16, 1844 – January 3, 1870) was an American physician and lecturer. A feminist, she campaigned for the Women's Suffrage and Workingwomen's Associations as well as other progressive and charitable organizations.

Lozier was born in the Western United States. Her mother died when she was young, and she became caretaker for her family. She studied medicine, and became a professor at the New York Medical College for Women.

Lozier died from health complications surrounding the pregnancy and birth of her third child, who was born several days before she died. She was survived by this child, her two previous children, and her husband.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute, named for Lozier, is a fetal rights think tank founded in 2011. It is a research and education arm of the Susan B. Anthony List.