Cherry Twister

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Cherry Twister
Origin Pennsylvania
Years active 1993 –
Labels Lucky
Associated acts
Past members
  • Steve Ward
  • Ross Sackler
  • Michael Giblin

Cherry Twister was a power pop band consisting of musicians Steve Ward, Ross Sackler and Michael Giblin. The band began early 1993 from the ashes of Harrisburg-based band 23 Skidoo which included Steve Ward, Ross Sackler, Dave Sheaffer and Joe Pisapia. Pisapia went on to form Nashville-based Joe, Marc's Brother. Ward and Sackler recorded their lo-fi bedroom-recording and was released on Planet Earthy in 1993; guitarist Michael Giblin signed on for the follow-up, 1999's At Home With Cherry Twister. At Home With Cherry Twister gained an entry in the Top 200 powerpop lists of 1999.[1]

Steve Ward moved to a solo career, recording several CDs. Mike Giblin moved on to Parallax Project and released three CDs titled Oblivious, Perpetual Limbo and I Hate Girls. He then went on to form The Split Squad, with Clem Burke of Blondie, Josh Kantor of The Baseball Project, Eddie Munoz of The Plimsouls and Keith Steng of The Fleshtones. They have toured nationally, as well as in France and Spain. To date the group has released one album, "Now Hear This..." in 2014. Ross Sackler joined up with Dave Aufiero and John Fritchey from The Polins and Mike Pasariello from Wayne Supergenius to form Peabody and released a self-titled CD.

On Saturday, February 19, 2011, Cherry Twister reunited on stage for the first time in 13 years to perform at the 2nd Annual Susan Giblin Foundation For Animal Wellness and Welfare Benefit to a sold-out capacity crowd.


Cherry Twister[edit]

First album, 1993, self-titled.[2]

Cherry Twister
Studio album by Cherry Twister
Released 1993
Genre Pop/Rock
Label Planet Earthy

Track listing

  1. You'd Rather See Me Lonely
  2. Fond
  3. Rose Garden
  4. Angeline
  5. Catch Me
  6. Mrs. Hall
  7. My Love
  8. Neverai
  9. We Float About
  10. This Man
  11. I'd Like To Fall In Love
  12. Sailing

At Home With Cherry Twister[edit]

At Home With Cherry Twister
Studio album by Cherry Twister
Released March 28, 2000
Recorded 1999
Genre Power pop, indie rock
Label Lucky
Cherry Twister chronology
Cherry Twister
At Home With Cherry Twister
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[3]

Track listing

  1. Don't Forget Your Man
  2. Sparkle
  3. Meteorite
  4. Charlotte B.
  5. I'm Gonna Be The Lonely Boy Tonite
  6. American Nightlife
  7. Leila
  8. She's Gone
  9. Maryann
  10. Black Summer
  11. Brighten Up
  12. Kinda Like A Star
  13. She's In Love Again
  14. Til I'm Blue
  15. Careful (Can't Fall Again)
  16. Why Won't You Believe In Me?

Compilation albums[edit]

Come and Get It: A Tribute to Badfinger[edit]

Come and Get It: A Tribute to Badfinger
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 1996
Genre Pop/Rock
Label Copper Records

Track listing[4]

  1. Come and Get It - Adrian Belew
  2. Perfection
  3. We're for the Dark - Loud Family
  4. Flying - Cotton Mather
  5. It's Over - Brad Jones
  6. No Matter What - The Knack
  7. Day After Day - 20
  8. Midnight Caller - Chris Von Sneidern
  9. Baby Blue - Aimee Mann
  10. Lonely You - Bill Lloyd
  11. Name of the Game - Cockeyed Ghost
  12. It Had to Be - Cherry Twister
  13. Know One Knows
  14. I Can't Take It - Dwight Twilley
  15. Suitcase - The Plimsouls
  16. Get Away - The Rooks
  17. Just a Chance
  18. I'll Be the One - Erik Voeks
  19. Better Days - Walter Clevenger
  20. Icicles - Paranoid Lovesick
  21. Maybe Tomorrow - Al Kooper
  22. Apple of My Eye - Derrek Van Eaton, Lon VanEaton

Yellow Pills, Vol. 3[edit]

Yellow Pills, Vol. 3
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 1996
Genre Pop/Rock
Label Big Deal

Track listing[5]

  1. Her Majesty's Buzz - Penelope Baker
  2. Do What You're Doing - Michael Guthrie Band
  3. The Problem With Jill - Material Issue
  4. The Blunderbuss - Brad Jones
  5. Nobody I Know - Martin Luther Lennon
  6. Her Stars Are My Stars - John Wicks
  7. Skyvue - The Finns
  8. Taking Me Somewhere - John McMullan
  9. Weird Sister - Gigolo Aunts
  10. Just in Time - Black and Blonde
  11. You Know the Real - Greenberry Woods
  12. Pt. 1 - The Blow Pops
  13. Dear Prudence - Feet of Clay
  14. Skidmarks - Wonderboy
  15. I've Always Got You on My Mind - Paul Collins' Beat
  16. This Can't Go On - The Scruffs
  17. Time Will Tell on You - Rock Club
  18. Blue Summer - Cherry Twister
  19. Be the One - Something Happens
  20. Nobody Knows - Scott McCarl
  21. Let's Take a Chance - Craig Pearman

Bucketfull of Brains, 50th Anniversary CD[edit]

Bucketfull of Brains, 50th Anniversary CD
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 1998
Genre Pop/Rock
Label BOB

Track listing[6]

  1. Jewel Of My Heart - Dan Penn
  2. Too Late - Jim Dickinson
  3. You Are My Entirety - Jolene
  4. It's Hard To Be A Rebel (No World) - Dwight Twilley
  5. I Had It Right The First Time - Bill Lloyd
  6. There's No One In This City - Tommy Keene
  7. Bold Moves - Matthew Sweet
  8. Gurls - Junior Cottonmouth
  9. Home To You - Bronco Bullfrog
  10. Sunrise - Zero Willpower
  11. Trapped - Daryll-Ann
  12. Adult Child - Barracudas
  13. Olivia 101 - Frank Bango & The Magic Fingers
  14. I'm Not A Joker (For Diana) - The Rooks
  15. The Water Song - Skooshny
  16. Maryann - Cherry Twister
  17. Bring The Ole Sun Down - You Am I
  18. London - Sparklehorse
  19. Tossin' And Turnin' - Radio Sweethearts

Coming up! Independent artists pay tribute to the music of Paul McCartney[edit]

Coming up! Independent artists pay tribute to the music of Paul McCartney
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 2001
Genre Pop/Rock
Label Oligo

Track listing

  1. Let 'em in - Starbelly
  2. Take it away - The Jellybricks
  3. Every night - Mark Bacino
  4. This one - Cliff Hillis
  5. My brave face - Star Collector
  6. Temporary secretary - The Andersons
  7. Mull of Kintyre - Kyf Brewer
  8. With a little luck - The Masticators
  9. Somedays - Phil Keaggy
  10. Getting closer - Michael Carpenter
  11. Maybe I'm amazed - Gadget White Band
  12. Helen Wheels - The Shazam
  13. Oh woman, oh why - Ray Paul
  14. Another day - Cherry Twister
  15. Back on my feet - Cockeyed Ghost



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