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Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS), also known as Chesapeake City Public Schools, is the school division that administers public education in the United States city of Chesapeake, Virginia. The Superintendent is Dr. Jared A. Cotton.

Elementary schools
  • B. M. Williams Primary
  • Butts Road Intermediate
  • Butts Road Primary School
  • Camelot Elementary School
  • Carver Intermediate School
  • Cedar Road Elementary
  • Chittum Elementary School
  • Crestwood Intermediate
  • Deep Creek Central Elementary
  • Deep Creek Elementary
  • Georgetown Primary
  • Grassfield Elementary School
  • Great Bridge Intermediate
  • Great Bridge Primary School
  • Greenbrier Intermediate
  • Greenbrier Primary School
  • Hickory Elementary School
  • Norfolk Highlands Primary
  • Portlock Primary School
  • Rena B. Wright Primary
  • Southeastern Elementary
  • Southwestern Elementary
  • Sparrow Road Intermediate
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Treakle Elementary School
  • Truitt Intermediate
  • Western Branch Intermediate
  • Western Branch Primary
Middle schools
  • Crestwood Middle School
  • Deep Creek Middle School
  • Great Bridge Middle School
  • Greenbrier Middle School
  • Hickory Middle School
  • Hugo Owens Middle School
  • Indian River Middle School
  • Jolliff Middle School
  • Oscar Smith Middle School
  • Western Branch Middle School
High schools

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