Chiara Lauvergnac

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Chiara Lauvergnac
Born 1961
Trieste, Italy
Residence Hackney, London.
Nationality Italian
Education University of East London
Occupation Activist
Known for Campaigning for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers

Chiara Lauvergnac (born 1961) is an Italian anarchist resident in London. She describes herself as a "freelance troublemaker"[1] and is a campaigner for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers.


Chiara Lauvergnac was born in Trieste, Italy, in 1961. She is related to the jazz singer, Anna Lauvergnac. She lived in Galway, Ireland, and moved to London in 2006 to study anthropology at the University of East London.[1]


ANTIFA graffiti
A No Borders demonstration at Crawley, 2007.

Lauvergnac is a campaigner for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. She was associated with Antifaschistische Aktion (ANTIFA), a violent far left wing organisation with branches in several European countries that has been criticised as a left-extremist organisation. In 2006, she protested outside the Haslar detention centre in Hampshire. In 2009, she was part of a group that protested at Tinsley House UK Border immigration centre at Gatwick against the use of charter flights to deport failed asylum seekers and others to Kurdistan in Iraq. She was arrested and convicted of aggravated trespass and given a conditional discharge.[2]

In 2015, she was again involved in protests against the deportation of refugees from the United Kingdom at Gatwick Airport during which she was arrested and subsequently fined.[3] She is a leading figure in the London No Borders anarchist group, part of the No Border network,[4] for which she has reported from the Calais Jungle.[5] Her photographs of the camp featured in the exhibition Art, Refuge and Resistance at the Brighton & Hove Sanctuary on Sea in partnership with the University of Brighton.[6]


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