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Chilltime logo.jpg
Type of business Private
Available in English
Founded February 2007
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Daniel Vila Boa
Key people Daniel Vila Boa (CEO)
Industry Interactive entertainment, Social network service
Products Massively multiplayer online games
Slogan(s) "It's Chilltime!"
Alexa rank Negative increase 2,291,414 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Yes
Current status Active

Chilltime is a massively multiplayer online games developer located in Lisbon, Portugal, Europe.[2] The company develops browser-based Real-time strategy games.


Chilltime was founded by Daniel Vila Boa in 2007. The company started out as a social networking site for the Portuguese youth in 2004.[3]

The project grew to a point where it gained the interest of the magazine publisher Edimpresa. In 2007, Edimpresa was a joint venture between the European publishing company Edipresse and Impresa a Portuguese media conglomerate. Edimpresa acquired a 51pct majority stake of the company in October 2007 for less than a million euros.[4]

The company focused on its social network in Portugal that included profiles, friend updates, photos, online journals, forums, groups and integrated communities.[5] These integrated communities included SIC Radical, Portuguese Idolos, Portuguese Cosmopolitan and Gato Fedorento with photos, videos, fan updates, competitions and forums.[6]

In 2008, re-branded to in attempt to make the social networking site go international.[7] During this period the Impresa bought the remaining 50pct stake in Edimpresa from European publisher Edipresse.[8] The 51pct stake of Chilltime now belonged to Portuguese media conglomerate Impresa.

In December, 2009, the founder bought the 51pct stake owned by Impresa for an undisclosed amount. Impresa stated that the company no longer made sense in its portfolio considering international competition from Social networking sites and that it would focus on its national businesses, the founder stated that in this new phase Chilltime would focus new projects that were not based on advertising model, neither on the Portuguese national market.[9]

In January 2010, Chilltime replaced the social networking website with their corporate website.[10] Later that year in August, Chilltime launched World War Online, a massively multiplayer strategy war game.

World War Online[edit]

In August 2010, Chilltime launched a massively multiplayer online game called World War Online.[11] World War Online is an international strategy game, where people play for their country against players around the world. The game requires a Facebook login to register and is based on Modern warfare.

Chilltime as Social Network[edit]

Chilltime had many features as a social network including:

  • Customized profiles and follow updates of friends.
  • Create a restricted group of friends where they can share photos and information.
  • Join fan groups and share information
  • Community blogging service allowing members to follow blogger.
  • Online newspapers for members to read up on and follow, members could create and monetize their own online newspapers.
  • Integrated communities with exclusive updates from brands (SIC Radical, Cosmopolitan, Idolos and Gato Fedorento)

Chilltime with integrated social communities[edit]

Chilltime gave users the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands. The SIC Radical integrated community, would allow members to select their favorite shows, add them to their agenda, follow updates and share their opinion in online forums.[12]


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