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Chime or chimes may refer to:

Musical instrument or tone[edit]

  • Chime (bell instrument), an array of large bells, typically housed in a tower and played from a keyboard
    • An instrument of this kind with 23 bells or more is known as a carillon
    • The chimes produced by a striking clock to announce the hours
  • Bar chimes also known as a Mark tree, a series of many small chimes of decreasing length, arranged horizontally
  • Chime bars, individual instruments similar to glockenspiel bars but with resonators
  • Macintosh startup chime, the sound a Macintosh computer makes on startup
  • Tubular bell, or chimes, a percussion instrument struck with hammers
  • Warning chime, a sound used in machinery or computers to alert users of a dangerous condition, error, completion of a process, etc.
  • Wind chime or Aeolian chime, suspended bells sounded when blown together by the wind


Popular culture[edit]

Musical works[edit]



  • Amazon Chime, an enterprise collaboration service from Amazon Web Services
  • Chime, the rim of a barrel, one at each end
  • Chimes, Arkansas, a community in the United States
  • MDL Chime, a plugin used by web browsers to display the 3D structure of molecules


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