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Chin Students' Association (CSA) is the student body of the Chin (Zomi) people living in the country of India.

It is one of the main body of the TCU or the Tedim Chin Union.

There is also another body known as the CYA or the Chin Youth Association. It is the youth organ of the Chin. It works for the development and upliftment of the Chin (Zomi) people of India. There is also one TCCC Hall at Lanva in the Churandpur District of Manipur, India. TCCC stands for Tedim Chin Cultural Club. The Chin Student Association plays an important role in the student activities of the Chin.

External links[edit]

  • Vaphual Zomi news is a news blog run by the Chin Students Association, New Delhi called It covers news from and about northeast India, Burma and Zomi all over the world. This site attracts readers from all over the world with more than 15,000 views per month and counting steadily.
  • Vaphual news blog collects articles on Zomi history, culture, folklores of the Zo people.