China's Next Top Model (cycle 3)

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China's Next Top Model (cycle 3)
China's NTM Cycle 3.JPG
Cycle 3 cast of China's Next Top Model
Country of origin China
No. of episodes 12
Original network Sichuan Satellite TV
Original release June 13 – September 4, 2010
Cycle chronology
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Cycle 2
Next →
Cycle 4
Series summary

China's Next Top Model Cycle 3 is the third Cycle of the Chinese reality TV series, based on the international version and spin-off to the original, America's Next Top Model.

The show was produced by Chinese television subscription channel Sichuan Satellite TV and it is filmed in Shanghai, the casting was held in selected cities of China - Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Nanning, Dalian, Wuhan, Changsha, and Chengdu. It began airing in June 13, 2010.

The winner of the competition was 18-year-old Mao Chu Yu from Chengdu, Sichuan.


(ages stated are at start of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Zhu Yan 23 Shanghai Episode 4 10
Sun Yue 21 Qingdao, Shandong Episode 5 9
Zhao Yi Fei 19 Dalian, Liaoning Episode 6 8 (quit)
Shi Yu 20 Chengdu, Sichuan 7
Chaochang Yi Lan 19 Wuhan, Hubei Episode 7 6
Zhu Yue 18 Nanjing, Jiangsu Episode 8 5
Huang Qi 20 Changsha, Hunan Episode 10 4
Wang Sheng Jie 21 Qingdao, Shandong Episode 11 3
Lin Jia Yi 20 Guangzhou, Guangdong Episode 12 2
Mao Chu Yu 18 Chengdu, Sichuan 1


Episode 1[edit]

First casting episode.

Episode 2[edit]

Second casting episode

Episode 3[edit]

Third casting episode

  • Quit: Ling & Jia An Qi

Episode 4[edit]

  • First call-out: Zhu Yue
  • Bottom two: Huang Qi & Zhu Yan
  • Eliminated: Zhu Yan

Episode 5[edit]

  • First call-out: Zhao Yi Fei
  • Bottom two: Sun Yue & Wang Sheng Jie
  • Eliminated: Sun Yue

Episode 6[edit]

  • Quit: Zhao Yi Fei
  • First call-out: Wang Sheng Jie
  • Bottom two: Lin Jia Yi & Shi Yu
  • Eliminated: Shi Yu

Episode 7[edit]

  • First call-out: Lin Jia Yi
  • Bottom two: Chaochang Yi Lan & Huang Qi
  • Eliminated: Chaochang Yi Lan

Episode 8[edit]

  • First call-out: Wang Sheng Jie
  • Bottom two: Lin Jia Yi & Zhu Yue
  • Eliminated: Zhu Yue

Episode 9[edit]

  • First call-out: Lin Jia Yi
  • Bottom two: Huang Qi & Mao Chu Yu
  • Eliminated: None

Episode 10[edit]

  • First call-out: Mao Chu Yu
  • Bottom two: Huang Qi & Lin Jia Yi
  • Eliminated: Huang Qi

Episode 11[edit]

  • First call-out: Mao Chu Yu
  • Bottom two: Lin Jia Yi & Wang Sheng Jie
  • Eliminated: Wang Sheng Jie

Episode 12[edit]

  • Final two: Lin Jia Yi & Mao Chu Yu
  • China's Next Top Model: Mao Chu Yu


Call-out order[edit]

Ai's call-out order
Order Episodes
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Chu Yu Yue Z. Yi Fei Sheng Jie Jia Yi Sheng Jie Jia Yi Chu Yu Chu Yu Chu Yu
2 Jia Yi Jia Yi Chu Yu Chu Yu Chu Yu Qi Sheng Jie Sheng Jie Jia Yi Jia Yi
3 Sheng Jie Yi Fei Jia Yi Qi Yue Z. Chu Yu Qi Jia Yi Sheng Jie
4 Yi Lan Yi Lan Yi Lan Yi Lan Sheng Jie Jia Yi Chu Yu Qi
5 Yan Chu Yu Yu Yue Z. Qi Yue Z.
6 Ling Sheng Jie Yue Z. Jia Yi Yi Lan
7 An Qi Yu Qi Yu
8 Yue Z. Yue S. Sheng Jie Yi Fei
9 Qi Qi Yue S.
10 Yue S. Yan
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two.
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 3, Ling and Jia An Qi, quit the competition, they were replaced by Yi Fei and Yu the next episode.
  • In episode 6, Yi Fei quit the competition.
  • In episode 9, there was a non-elimination.

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Glamorous gowns in an ice cellar
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Wahaha water in sportswear
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Wahaha goddesses
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Emotional Moulin Rouge
  • Episode 8 commercial: Sichuan tourism
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Phantoms of ancient Chinese princesses
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Army fighters in groups
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Marie Claire covers
  • Episode 11 commercial: Wahaha commercial


  • Chu Yu: Cut to the collarbone, dyed darker, and highlights added
  • Jia Yi: Ombre style long weave and dyed platinum blonde
  • Qi: Scruffier and dyed two tones
  • Sheng Jie: Cut into a bob, dyed blonde on one side
  • Yi Lan: Cut chin-length and China Doll bangs added
  • Yu: Cut shorter with blunt ends
  • Yue Z.: Mia Farrow haircut (Rosemary's Baby) and dyed dark violet

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