Campsis grandiflora

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Campsis grandiflora
Campsis grandiflora 'Morning Calm'
Scientific classification
C. grandiflora
Binomial name
Campsis grandiflora
  • Bignonia chinensis Lam.
  • Bignonia grandiflora Thunb.
  • Campsis adrepens Lour.
  • Campsis chinensis (Lam.) Voss
  • Gelseminum grandiflorum (Thunb.) Kuntze
  • Incarvillea chinensis Spreng. ex DC. nom. illeg.
  • Incarvillea grandiflora Poir.
  • Tecoma chinensis (Lam.) K.Koch
  • Tecoma grandiflora (Thunb.) Loisel.
  • Tecoma sinensis Spach

Campsis grandiflora, commonly known as the Chinese trumpet vine, is a fast-growing, deciduous creeper with large, orange, trumpet-shaped flowers in summer. It can grow to a height of 10 meters. A native of East Asia, it is less hardy than its relative Campsis radicans.[2]

Campsis grandiflora prefers moist, nutrient-rich soil and a position with full sun and support to climb. The dark green leaves have serrated edges.[2]


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