Chirinjeev Kathuria

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Chirinjeev Kathuria
Alma materBrown University
Stanford University
Known forCo-founder of PlanetSpace and New Generation Power International

Chirinjeev Kathuria is an Indian-American[1] investor, physician, businessperson, and philanthropist.[2][3] Kathuria is the co-founder and chairman of New Generation Power International, and co-founder of PlanetSpace.[4][5][6] He also ran for the US Senate in Illinois in 2004 against Barack Obama.

Early life[edit]

Chirinjeev Kathuria was born in New Delhi, India and came with his parents to Chicago, Illinois at the age of eight months.[7] He has received a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Medicine from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.[2][8][6]


In 2004, Kathuria ran for U.S. Senate in Illinois, becoming the first Indian-American and first person of the Sikh religion running for federal office in US history, ( First Sikh US congressman was Dulip Singh Saund, He got elected to US Congress in 1952 from Riverside County California).[9] in a race that included eventual winner, Barack Obama.[6] Kathuria co-founded American Teleradiology NightHawks Inc., which was acquired in 2005 by NightHawk Radiology Holdings Inc., and the combined company went public on NASDAQ in 2006. In 2010 he co-founded New Generation Power International. Kathuria has also been involved in space exploration,[10][6] and was the Founding Director of Mircorp,[6] the first commercial company to privately launch and fund manned space programs.[10][11][12][13] Kathuria also invested in Russia's Mir space station in its final days.[14][6] In 2005, Chirinjeev Kathuria co-founded PlanetSpace, a privately funded Chicago-based rocket and space travel project,[15] which bid for NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services contract with Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Alliant Techsystems.[16][17]


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