Chirinjeev Kathuria

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Chirinjeev Kathuria
ResidenceChicago, Illinois
Alma materBrown University
Stanford University
Known forCo-founder of PlanetSpace and New Generation Power International

Chirinjeev Kathuria is an Indian-American[1] investor, businessperson, and philanthropist.[2][3] Kathuria is the co-founder and chairman of New Generation Power International, and co-founder of Veriown and PlanetSpace.[4][5][6] He also ran for the US Senate in Illinois in 2004 against Barack Obama, where he was the first Indian American and Sikh to run for Federal office in US history.

Early life[edit]

Chirinjeev Kathuria was born in New Delhi, India and came with his parents to Chicago, Illinois at the age of eight months.[7] He has received a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Medicine from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.[2][8][6]


In 2004, Kathuria ran for U.S. Senate in Illinois, becoming the first Indian-American and first person of the Sikh religion running for federal office in US history,[9] in a race that included eventual winner, Barack Obama.[6] Kathuria co-founded American Teleradiology NightHawks Inc., which was acquired in 2005 by NightHawk Radiology Holdings Inc., and the combined company went public on NASDAQ in 2006. In 2010 he co-founded New Generation Power International and, later, Veriown. Kathuria has also been involved in space exploration,[10][6] and was the Founding Director of Mircorp,[6] the first commercial company to privately launch and fund manned space programs.[10][11][12][13] Kathuria also invested in Russia's Mir space station in its final days.[14][6] In 2005, Chirinjeev Kathuria co-founded PlanetSpace, a privately funded Chicago-based rocket and space travel project,[15] which bid for NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services contract with Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Alliant Techsystems.[16][17]


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