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New Generation Power International
FounderChirinjeev Kathuria

New Generation Power International (NGPI) is an American energy company.[1]


The company is based in Chicago[2] and was co-founded by company chairman Chirinjeev Kathuria[3][4] in 2010.[1] The company develops renewable energy in international markets from resources, such as solar power, hydropower, biomass, wind power, geothermal, waste-to-energy, and cogeneration.[1][5] It has also developed, invests, owns, and operates infrastructure assets in the areas of utility-scale power generation, and distributed generation.[3]


NGPI was given a contract to develop solar and geothermal projects for the US Army,[6][7][8] and built a solar power farm located at Chicago Rockford International Airport.[9] NGPI formed a joint venture with Yilsan Holding, Mineks International and DCM Energy to install and operate a 100 megawatt geothermal power plant for the nation of Turkey.[10][11][12] NGPI signed a cooperation agreement with the Republic of Srpska in 2012 to develop four hydro projects totaling 365 megawatts on the Lower Drina River.[13] In collaboration Nippon Energy Solution, NGPI will build three 11.5 megawatt wood biomass power plants in Japan.[14]


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