Choč Mountains

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Veľký Choč, highest peak of the Choč Mountains

The Choč Mountains (in Slovak, Chočské vrchy) are a range of mountains in north-central Slovakia, a portion of the Fatra-Tatra Area of the Inner Western Carpathians. The range is 24 kilometers long and on average only 4 kilometers wide. Highest peak is Veľký Choč at 1 611 metres above sea level.


Choč Mountains are bordered:

Highest Peaks[edit]

  • Veľký Choč, 1611 metres
  • Malý Choč, 1465 metres
  • Prosečné, 1371 metres
  • Holica, 1340 metres
  • Lomná, 1278 metres

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Coordinates: 49°10′N 19°20′E / 49.167°N 19.333°E / 49.167; 19.333