Western Tatras

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Western Tatras
Tatra mountains western side 2.jpg
Western Tatras in winter
Highest point
Elevation2,248.4 m (7,377 ft)
CountriesSlovakia and Poland
Lesser Poland
Range coordinates49°12′N 19°45′E / 49.200°N 19.750°E / 49.200; 19.750Coordinates: 49°12′N 19°45′E / 49.200°N 19.750°E / 49.200; 19.750
Parent rangeTatra Mountains
Borders onEastern Tatras
Ostrý Roháč
Ostrý Roháč and Plačlivé
Goryczkowa Czuba
Druhé Roháčske pleso
Chochołowska valley, Mnichy Chochołowskie
Giewont and Czerwony Grzbiet
Giewont from the East
Polana Stoły
Polana Jamy

The Western Tatras (Slovak: Západné Tatry; Polish: Tatry Zachodnie) are mountains in the Tatras, part of the Carpathian Mountains, located on the Polish-Slovak borders. The mountains border the High Tatras in the east, Podtatranská kotlina in the south, Choč Mountains in the west and Rów Podtatrzański (Slovak: Podtatranská brázda) in the north. The main ridge is 37 kilometers long and the mountain range contains 31 two-thousanders.

Western Tatras are the second highest mountain range both in Poland and Slovakia; its highest peak is Bystrá at 2,248 meters. Other notable mountains include Jakubiná (2,194 m), Baranec (2,184 m), Baníkov (2,178 m), Tri kopy (2,136.3 m), Plačlivé (2,125.1 m), Ostrý Roháč (2,087.5 m), Volovec (Polish: Wołowiec; 2,064 m), Kasprowy Wierch (Slovak: Kasprov vrch; 1,987 m) and Giewont (1,894 m). In Slovakia, they are partially located in the traditional regions of Liptov and Orava. The highest point in Poland is Starorobociański Wierch (2,176 m).

All visitors to the Western Tatras area in Slovakia are obliged since July 1, 2006 to cover all costs of their rescue by the Mountain Rescue Service. Visitors are prohibited from leaving the marked tourist routes, sleeping in the mountains or setting fire are strictly prohibited.


The Western Tatras are subdivided into 6 regions on the Slovak side and 4 on the Polish side.

Slovak Western Tatras:

  • Osobitá (highest point: Osobitá, 1 687 m)
  • Sivý vrch (highest point: Sivý vrch, 1 805 m)
  • Liptovské Tatry (highest point: Bystrá, 2 248 m)
  • Roháče (highest point: Baníkov, 2 178 m)
  • Červené vrchy (highest point: Kresanica / Krzesanica, 2 122 m)
  • Liptovské kopy (highest point: Veľká kopa, 2 052 m)

Polish Western Tatras:

  • Grześ
  • Kasprowy Wierch
  • Czerwone Wierchy (corresponds to Červené vrchy, highest point: Kresanica / Krzesanica, 2 122 m)
  • Ornak

Geology and ecology[edit]

The Western Tatras are protected by Tatranský národný park in Slovakia and Tatrzański Park Narodowy in Poland.


The following is a list of the highest 10 of the 31 two-thousanders in Western Tatras:

Image Slovak name Polish name Height Location & Notes
Bystra a5.jpg
Bystrá Bystra 2,248.4 m
7,377 ft
Liptovské Tatry, the highest peak in Slovak Western Tatras
Raczkowa Czuba a1.jpg
Jakubiná Raczkowa Czuba 2,193.7 m
7,197 ft
Baraniec a1.jpg
Baranec Baraniec 2,184.6 m
7,167 ft
Jałowiecki Przysłop, Banówka a1.jpg
Baníkov Banówka 2,178 m
7,146 ft
Highest point on the main ridge
Starorobociański Wierch a1.jpg
Klin Starorobociański Wierch 2,176 m
7,139 ft
Main ridge, the highest peak in Polish Western Tatras
Pachola a1.jpg
Pachoľa Pachola 2,167 m
7,110 ft
Main ridge
Hruba Kopa a1.jpg
Hrubá kopa Hruba Kopa 2,166 m
7,106 ft
Main ridge
Bystra a15.jpg
Blyšť Błyszcz 2,159 m
7,083 ft
Bystrá ridge
Jałowiecki Przysłop a1.jpg
Príslop Jałowiecki Przysłop 2,142 m
7,028 ft
Jarząbczy Wierch a1.jpg
Hrubý vrch Jarząbczy Wierch 2,137 m
7,011 ft

Saddles (cols)[edit]

  • Pálenica (1 570 m)
  • Parichvost (1 870 m)
  • Baníkovské sedlo (2 045 m)
  • Smutné sedlo (1 965 m)
  • Žiarske sedlo (1 917,1 m)
  • Jamnícke sedlo (1 908 m)
  • Račkovo sedlo (1 958 m)
  • Gáborovo sedlo (1 890 m)
  • Bystré sedlo (1 960 m)
  • Pyšné sedlo (1 791,6 m)
  • Tomanovské sedlo (1 685,9 m)
  • Ľaliové sedlo (1 951,8 m)


There are approximately 20 to 32 tarns (Slovak: pleso) in Western Tatras. The exact number is difficult to obtain because of lack of an exact definition and because it is sometimes hard to prove what is a tarn and what is not. The following is a list of 15 largest tarns in Western Tatras:

Image Slovak name Polish name Height (m) Area (ha) Depth (m)
Niżni Staw Rohacki a1.jpg
Dolné Roháčske pleso Niżni Staw Rohacki 1563 2.22 6.3
Rohacske pleso4.jpg
Horné Roháčske pleso Wyżni Staw Rohacki 1718 1.45 8.1
Jamnickie Stawy a2.jpg
Dolné Jamnícke pleso Niżni Jamnicki Staw 1728 1.13 4.0
Stawy Bystre (Wielki) a1.jpg
Horné Bystré pleso Wielki Staw Bystry 1875 0.86 12.5
Raczkowe Stawy a3.jpg
Horné Račkovo pleso Zadni Staw Raczkowy 1717 0.74 10.0
Pośredni Staw Rohacki a1.jpg
Tretie Roháčske pleso Pośredni Rohacki Staw 1653 0.61 3.7
Jamnické pleso.jpg
Horné Jamnícke pleso Wyżni Jamnicki Staw 1834 0.41 8.0
Dolné Bystré pleso-T41.JPG
Spodné Bystré pleso Niżni Staw Bystry 1837 0.34 4.0
Stawek pod Zwierowka.jpg
Pleso pod Zverovkou Stawek pod Zwierówką 983 0.31 1.2
Czarna Młaka a1.jpg
Ťatliakovo pleso Czarna Młaka 1370 0.28 1.2
Rohacske pleso2-3.jpg
Druhé Roháčske pleso Mały Rohacki Staw 1650 0.28 1.3
Horné Tomanovo pleso Wyżni Tomanowy Stawek 1592 0.19 1.0
Žiarske pliesko v žiarskej doline.JPG
Žiarske pleso 1860 0.11 0.8
Dolina Ciemnosmreczyńska a4.jpg
Kobylie pleso Kobyli Stawek 1742 0.10 1.5
Bialy Stawek Bobrowiecki.jpg
Biele Bobrovecké pleso Biały Stawek Bobrowiecki 1502 0.10 1.5



There are four tourist centers inside the Western Tatras area: Zverovka, Brestová and Ťatliakova chata in the northern region and Žiarska chata in the southern region. All other tourist centers lie at the outside borders of the mountains, including: Oravice, Zuberec, Bobrovecká vápenica, Žiar, Konská, Jakubovany-Studená dolina, Pribylina, Podbanské.

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  • Touristic map 1:25000 Západné Tatry - Podbanské - Zverovka, VKÚ a.s. Harmanec, 2008

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