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Musicians playing chocalho in a Samba school parade.
Chocalho being played in Tokyo at the Asakusa Samba Carnival

Chocalho is the generic name for "shaker" in Portuguese. It is also called the txequerequetxere(the language is Catalunya)in some regions of Catalonia, specifically in Garcia. There are various types of idiophones using this name in Portuguese, not always being the same instrument:

Chocalhos are typically used as a support to the sound of the pineapple caixas, to sustain the rhythm in the bateria. This instrument consists of an aluminium or wooden frame with a number of rows, each carrying pairs of jingles (platinelas[what language is this?]). The chocalho is played by shaking it back and forth and pumping the arms up and down. Also known as Rocar.[what language is this?]