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Chonda is a generic term describing a small engine produced in China that is reverse engineered from a Honda small engine. It is also called a Honda Clone. The name is a portmanteau of "Chinese" and "Honda", and is informal and not an actual trademark. One major manufacturer is Lifan Group. Produced mainly in China these replicas of popular Honda small gasoline engines are becoming extremely popular in the Karting and Mini Bike sports. This is due to their low cost. The engines are usually identical to Honda small engines and the parts are nearly always interchangeable with genuine Honda Parts. The factories that produce these reverse engineered genuine Honda engines to produce specs. One such engine is marketed by Harbor Freight Tools.[1]


It is sometimes alleged that the engines infringe on Honda patents or intellectual property. Honda has a presence in China and shares manufacturing facilities with local industry as required by Chinese local content trade law. No legal action has been known to have been taken against the alleged infringing parties. The excuse commonly given is that the basic engine design patent has expired. American Honda small engine dealers have been threatened with the loss of their franchise agreements if they knowingly supply parts or service for "Chonda" engines.


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