Choorian (1963 film)

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Directed by Amin Malik
Produced by M. Naseem
Written by Baba Alam Siaposh
Music by Tufail Farooqi
Film dialogue and film songs Lyricist: Baba Alam Siahposh
Release date
  • May 17, 1963 (1963-05-17) (Lahore)
Country Pakistan
Language Punjabi

Choorian is a 1963 black and white Pakistani Punjabi language super-hit musical film.[1][2]

It was the first Pakistani film to be given the "only for adults" rating by the censors. The film, when seen from today's standards, would seem quite "clean" to most audiences. But at the time, wearing body-baring dresses was taboo in Pakistan.[3]

Actress Nasira , the famous Pakistani "vamp", wore dresses that exposed more than what was permissible at that time.


  • Laila[4]
  • Akmal Khan
  • Nasira
  • Razia
  • Asif Jah
  • Ajmal
  • A. Shah Shikarpuri
  • Mazhar Shah
  • Rangeela
  • Fazal Haq
  • Saqi
  • Gulrez
  • Mehboob Kashmiri
  • Zarrin Panna

Film's music and super-hit film songs[edit]

This film had music by music director Tufail Farooqi , film song lyrics by Baba Alam Siaposh[5]

Song Singers
"Dinghi Pagh Bannhda Ae Munda Numberdar Da" Noor Jehan
"Wey Gall Sunn Haania, Wey Dil Diya Jaania" Noor Jehan


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