Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai

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Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai
Chore chore mastuto bhai.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Anup Sengupta
Written by Shankar Dasgupta
Starring Mithun Chakraborty
Jisshu Sengupta
Music by Ashok Bhadra
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
130 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali

Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai is a 2005 Bengali-language Indian feature film directed by Anup Sengupta, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Chiranjit, Jisshu Sengupta, Koel Mallick and Deepankar De in the main roles. The movie is a remake of 1973 Hindi movie Victoria No. 203.


Nagraj (Deepankar Dey) sends John to steal a rare Diamond worth crores from the museum. John betrays Nagraj and runs away with Diamond, but is killed by Ronnie, who leaves the Diamond with a taxi triver Yadav Das. Therefore Yadav is jailed in John's murder case. His daughter Madhuri (Koel Mallick) disguises herself as a boy to run the taxi to support her family. Now Manik and Chand turn up at Madhuri's house and claim to be her long lost uncles from Africa. Madhuri is in love with Rahul, a Nagraj's henchman. As the Diamond is the prime attraction, everyone wants its possession. In the climax, Manik and Chand rescue Rahul, Madhuri and Madhabi from Nagraj and the police arrest Nagraj.