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Chouteau was the name of a highly successful French fur-trading family based in St. Louis, Missouri, members of which established posts in the Midwest and Western United States. Various locations derive their names from the family.


children of Marie-Therèse Bourgeois Chouteau and René Augustin Chouteau, Sr.
  • Henri Chouteau II (1830-1854), married Julia Deaver
  • Azby Chouteau Jr. (1884-?)
  • Henri Arminstead Chouteau III (1889-1952), realtor[2][3]
  • Edward Chouteau (1807-1846), trader
  • Gabriel Chouteau (1794-1887), served in War of 1812
  • Eulalie Chouteau (1799-1835), married René Paul (1783-1851), first surveyor of St. Louis
  • Louise Chouteau, married Gabriel Paul, French chevalier
  • Emilie Chouteau, married Thomas Floyd, officer in the Black Hawk War
children of Marie-Therèse Bourgeois Chouteau and Pierre Laclède (also founder of St. Louis, Missouri):



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