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Chris Batista
Batista at the Big Apple Convention, May 21, 2011.
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller
Notable works
The Legion

Chris Batista is an American comic book artist, known for his work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Steel, Spaceknights and Thunderbolts.


Batista is an alumnus of Manhattan's School of Visual Arts, having studied under Klaus Janson, who helped obtain for him his first professional work.[1]

Titles Batista has contributed to include Steel (1993–1995),[2] Spider-Man 2099 (1994), Spaceknights (2000–2001), Thunderbolts (2002–2003), The Legion (2003–2004), JLA (2005) and has provided art for several issues of DC Comics weekly year-long comic book series 52 (2006–2007).

He also penciled an arc of DC's Robin with Chuck Dixon.[3] He has recently pencilled the second volume of Booster Gold, starring the eponymous time-traveling hero.

Personal life[edit]

Batista resides in New York City.[1]



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Patrick Zircher
Thunderbolts artist
(with Patrick Zircher)
Succeeded by
Manuel Garcia
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David Baldeon
Robin artist
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