Chris Birch (game designer)

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Chris Birch
OccupationGame designer

Chris Birch is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.


Chris Birch suggested Cubicle 7's first license, to Starblazer: Science Adventure in Picture (1979-1991), after he discovered in August 2006 that an RPG license for the series was available.[1]:428 Birch knew Angus Abranson slightly through a board game design that had been discussed some years previous and so approached Abranson about the opportunity, and Abranson recruited Birch to write Starblazer Adventures, his first game design.[1]:428 Birch and friend Stuart Newman decided not to create their own game system for the game, so instead opted to using an existing one, Fate.[1]:428 Sarah Newton and Birch designed Legends of Anglerre (2010), an RPG based on fantasy stories from Starblazer.[1]:431


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