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Chris Chike, more widely known online by the alias iamchris4life, is known for his skill in a variety of music video games.

Notable accomplishments[edit]

Guitar Hero[edit]

Chris holds the official Guinness world record for "Highest score for a single song on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock".[1] On March 11, 2008, he managed to achieve 97 percent completion rate and 840,647 points in DragonForce's "Through the Fire and Flames" in front of Guinness judges. His current record, not confirmed by Guinness is 99 percent completion with 975,412 points.[2]

Chris was crowned the Guitar Hero III champion at the National Play N Trade tournament in Bloomington, Minnesota. Local tournaments were held March 15 and 16, with close to 1,000 gamers at more than 100 Play N Trade video game stores across the country competing.[3] He won $2,000 from his first-place performance in the song, "Through the Fire and Flames".

Dance Dance Revolution A[edit]

Chris took 1st place in Dance Dance Revolution A at the 6th Annual Konami Arcade Championship Finals on February 11, 2017, taking place at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017.[4] This was the first year that players from North America were allowed to participate.

Chris automatically qualified for the 7th Annual Konami Arcade Championship, which took place on February 10, 2018, due to winning the championship the year prior. He ultimately finished as the runner-up.


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