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Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn is an Australian author, editor and critic.[1]


Flynn's first novel, A Tiger in Eden was released in Australia by Text Publishing in March 2012.[2] It was shortlisted for the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize.[3] His second novel, The Glass Kingdom [4] was released in May 2014 and his third, Mammoth, was published in March 2020.[5]

McSweeney's issue 41, released July 2012,[6] features a portfolio of fiction by Indigenous Australian writers, Terra Australis: Four Stories from Aboriginal Australian Writers, curated, edited and introduced by Flynn.

Flynn contributed to a regular column, Odd Jobs,[7] on The Paris Review Daily, the blog page of The Paris Review. He has written for the Griffith Review,[8] The Age,[9] The Australian,[10] The Books and Arts Daily Show[11] on ABC Radio National, Meanjin,[12] The Big Issue Australia[13] and many other publications.



A Tiger in Eden[14]

The Glass Kingdom[15]


Book reviews[edit]

  • Flynn, Chris (June 2011). "[Untitled review]". Australian Book Review (332): 42.
    • Review of: Goldbloom, Goldie. You lose these + other stories. Fremantle Press. ISBN 9781921696879.

Personal life[edit]

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1972, Flynn has resided in Melbourne, Australia since 1999.


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