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For the soccer/football player, see Christopher Lamprecht.

Chris Lamprecht (known as MinorThreat or mthreat) is a Texas based software developer. Lamprecht was the original author of ToneLoc, a wardialing program written in the C programming language for the DOS operating system.[1] He was the first employee and lead software architect for, a metasearch engine for job listings.[2]

Lamprecht is regarded as the first person to be banned from accessing the Internet, in 1995.[3][4] After being sentenced to 70 months in prison for money laundering, Lamprecht was also given a punishment of no access to the Internet until 2004.

Christopher Matthew Lamprecht had the Federal Bureau of Prisons ID# 61153-080 and was released on March 3, 2000.[5]

Under the order of Judge Sam Sparks of the US District Court in 1995, Lamprecht was ordered to 70 months in the Federal Correctional Institution, Bastrop. Though a known computer hacker, the 24-year-old was never tried, nor pleaded guilty for computer related crimes, making it the more unusual that he was not allowed to access the Internet. In 1997 Lamprecht co-authored an article in Phrack Magazine issue #52[6] while incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, and the issue was published in 1998 with portions appearing in 2600 Magazine; and "prophiled" in Phrack issue #46 (1994).[7]

In 2002 Judge Sam Sparks released Lamprecht from his term of supervised release, effectively lifting his Internet ban as well.[citation needed]

Lamprecht authored the computer wardialer program ToneLoc in the 1990s. After losing the original source code, it was re-written with the assistance of Mucho Maas.[1][8] Lamprecht presented a talk detailing ToneLoc in 1993 at the SummerCon conference.[7][9]

Lamprecht founded and worked for Searchify, a startup company offering an Internet hosting service for searches, marketed with a software as a service,[10] which is based upon the open source software IndexTank. IndexTank was acquired by LinkedIn and open sourced in 2011.[11]


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